Wayne County Cemeteries

This project is in need of volunteers to survey the known cemeteries and to photograph them in a size where those with impaired vision can read the dates and words plainly. Our greatest wish is to get the photos now before the stones are eroded too much.

Cemeteries underlined have a bit of information already on line but more is needed.

Baker Cemetery Bath Springs
Balentine Cemetery Cypress Inn
Barkley Cemetery Cypress Inn
Barnes Graves Leatherwood
Bawcom Cemetery Leatherwood
Beavers Cemetery Three Churches
Bedford Cemetery Waynesboro East
Bell Cemetery Leatherwood
Benham-Hughes-Speer Cemetery Clifton
Bennett Cole Cemetery Waynesboro
Bethlehem Cemetery Westpoint
Black Cemetery Waynesboro
Blackshire Cemetery Eagle Creek
Bloody Branch Cemetery Eagle Creek
Boshear Cemetery Westpoint
Boyd Cemetery Eagle Creek
Boyd-Lynch Cemetery Eagle Creek
Brewer Cemetery Whitten
Brewer Cemetery Waynesboro
Brewer Cemetery Cypress Inn
Brewer Cemetery Whitten
Brewer Cemetery Whitten
Bromley Cemetery Leatherwood
Brown Cemetery Ransom Stand
Brown Cemetery Eagle Creek
Bucksnort Cemetery Collinwood
Burns Cemetery Leatherwood
Burns Cemetery Topsy
Butler Grove Cemetery Whitten
Carroll Cemetery Clifton
Cedar Grove Cemetery Whitten
Centenary Cemetery Ransom Stand
Choate Cemetery Topsy
Choate Cemetery Waynesboro
Clifton Cemetery Bath Springs
Cole Cemetery Waynesboro East
Collier Cemetery Waynesboro
Collinwood Cemetery Collinwood
Cook Cemetery Eagle Creek
Cooper Cemetery Cypress Inn
Copeland Cemetery Collinwood
Copeland Cemetery Martins Mills
Copeland Cemetery Three Churches
Copeland Cemetery Waynesboro East
Cromwell Cemetery Three Churches
Cromwell Crossroads Cemetery Three Churches
Crossno Cemetery Clifton
Culp Cemetery Clifton
Cypert-Copeland-Lay Cemetery Three Churches
Cypert-Thornton Cemetery Three Churches
Darby Cemetery Cypress Inn
Davana Cemetery Martins Mills
Dial Cemetery Westpoint
Dicus Cemetery Eagle Creek
Dillon Farm Cemetery Olivehill
Dixon Cemetery Collinwood
Downing-Byler Cemetery Three Churches
Durham Cemetery Topsy
Eaton Cemetery Martins Mills
Elliott Cemetery Eagle Creek
Evans Chapel Cemetery Eagle Creek
Factory Cemetery Waynesboro East
Flat Gap Cemetery Eagle Creek
Flippo Grave Clifton
Fortyeight Cemetery Waynesboro East
Fortyeight Forge Cemetery Waynesboro East
Friendship Cemetery Whitten
Friendship Cemetery Eagle Creek
Gallaher Cemetery Westpoint
Gean Cemetery Ransom Stand
Gray Cemetery Cypress Inn
Greenwood Cemetery Waynesboro
Greeson Chapel Cemetery Martins Mills
Greeson Family Cemetery Waynesboro
Grigg Cemetery Eagle Creek
Griggs Cemetery Waynesboro East
Grimes Cemetery Eagle Creek
Haggard Cemetery Eagle Creek
Haggard Cemetery Eagle Creek
Haley-Ward Cemetery Three Churches
Harbour Cemetery Three Churches
Hardwick Cemetery Whitten
Helton Cemetery Clifton
Henry Culp Family Plot Clifton
Hensley Cemetery Whitten
Herndon Cemetery Martins Mills
Hesse Cemetery Three Churches
Highland Cemetery Ovilla
Hill Cemetery Clifton
Hog Creek Cemetery Waynesboro
Holden Cemetery Three Churches
Hollabaugh Cemetery Topsy
Hollis Cemetery Saint Joseph
Holt Cemetery Cypress Inn
Holt Cemetery Leatherwood
Holt Family Cemetery Leatherwood
Horton Cemetery Three Churches
Horton Cemetery Collinwood
Horton Cemetery Three Churches
Horton Family Cemetery Three Churches
Hutton Cemetery Eagle Creek
Jackson Cemetery Cypress Inn
Kea Cemetery Waynesboro
Keeton Cemetery Waynesboro East
Kelley Cemetery Waynesboro
Kelly Cemetery Westpoint
King Cemetery Three Churches
Kyle Grave Clifton
Lawson Cemetery Cypress Inn
Lawson Cemetery Martins Mills
Leatherwood Cemetery Waynesboro
Leatherwood Cemetery Waynesboro
Little Hope Cemetery Leatherwood
Lizard Glade Cemetery Eagle Creek
Long Cemetery Waynesboro East
Love Cemetery Three Churches
Lutts Cemetery Martins Mills
Lynn Cemetery Three Churches
Macedonia Cemetery Whitten
Martin Cemetery Martins Mills
Masonic Hall Cemetery Three Churches
McAllister Cemetery Cypress Inn
McCall Cemetery Collinwood
McDonald Cemetery Leatherwood
McFalls Cemetery Ransom Stand
McGee Cemetery Waynesboro East
McGlamery Cemetery Collinwood
Melson Cemetery Martins Mills
Memorial Cemetery Three Churches
Merideth Cemetery Leatherwood
Methodist Camp Ground Cemetery Clifton
Montague Cemetery Eagle Creek
Moore Cemetery Cypress Inn
Moore Cemetery Eagle Creek
Moore Cemetery Eagle Creek
Morris Cemetery Waynesboro
Morrow Cemetery Waynesboro
Mount Heber Cemetery Martins Mills
Mount Hope Cemetery Waynesboro East
Mount Hope Cemetery Waynesboro East
Mount Hope Cemetery Cypress Inn
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Cypress Inn
Newborn Cemetery Clifton
Nowlin Family Cemetery Martins Mills
Nunnley Ford Cemetery Clifton
Oak Grove Cemetery Whitten
Old Cemetery Olivehill
Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery Cypress Inn
Old Darby Cemetery Cypress Inn
Old Dodd Cemetery Cypress Inn
Old Hayes Cemetery Cypress Inn
Old Mount Bethel Cemetery Whitten
Old Town Cemetery Waynesboro
Parker Cemetery Leatherwood
Philadelphia Cemetery Eagle Creek
Phillips Cemetery Leatherwood
Phillips Cemetery Leatherwood
Pigg Cemetery Cypress Inn
Piney Grove Cemetery Cypress Inn
Pitts Cemetery Leatherwood
Popes Chapel Cemetery Leatherwood
Powell Cemetery Cypress Inn
Prater Cemetery Clifton
Primitive Baptist Cemetery Clifton
Providence Cemetery Three Churches
Railroad Cemetery Whitten
Ralph Cole Cemetery Waynesboro
Ray Cemetery Waynesboro
Ray Cemetery Waynesboro
Rayburn Cemetery Martins Mills
Richardson Cemetery Clifton
Riley Cemetery Clifton
Risner Cemetery Collinwood
Robbins Cemetery Martins Mills
Roberson Cemetery Whitten
Roberts Cemetery Eagle Creek
Rose Cemetery Martins Mills
Rose Cemetery Martins Mills
Rose Cemetery Waynesboro
Ryan Childs Grave Clifton
Salem Cemetery Topsy
Shawnette Cemetery Collinwood
Shields Cemetery Waynesboro
Shiloh Cemetery Westpoint
Simmons Cemetery Whitten
Sims Cemetery Three Churches
Sinclair Cemetery Martins Mills
Sinclair Cemetery Martins Mills
Skelton Cemetery Topsy
Staggs Cemetery Waynesboro East
Staggs Cemetery Ovilla
Steele Cemetery Clifton
Stout Cemetery Ransom Stand
Stribling Cemetery Martins Mills
Stribling Cemetery Ransom Stand
Talley Cemetery Waynesboro
Talley Cemetery Three Churches
Thompson Cemetery Martins Mills
Throgmorton Cemetery Leatherwood
Tole Cemetery Leatherwood
Tune Cemetery Eagle Creek
Walker Cemetery Eagle Creek
Walker Cemetery Topsy
Walnut Grove Cemetery Waynesboro East
Warren Cemetery Waynesboro
Warrington Cemetery Clifton
Wayne County Memorial Gardens Waynesboro East
Wayne County Memory Gardens Collinwood
White Cemetery Martins Mills
Whitehead Cemetery Topsy
Whitehead Cemetery Leatherwood
Whitten Chapel Cemetery Whitten
Whittens Cross Roads Cemetery Whitten
William Riley Cemetery Leatherwood
Worley Cemetery Leatherwood
Wright Cemetery Cypress Inn
Zion Cemetery Topsy
Zion Cemetery Clifton

One name or photograph or two, fifty, one hundred, etc. We would love to have your input and help and I am sure many, many people researching their families will appreciate you too. Got a story or history of a cemetery? Send it along and we will post it too. The information, as always, belongs to you and you can have it pulled from the site if you should want to, we just hope you don't want to.



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